Where's That Pig?

While I am trying to figure out what direction to take this electronic cesspool, I thought I would give you all a quick update on the latest adventures of our favorite bovine.

Fernando stowed away in our carry on bag and traveled up to the Pacific Northwest with us last week.  My wife's family are all up there, mostly in a Seattle suburb called Bellevue.  The trip was some fun, and some not so fun.  We always enjoy seeing the family, but this trip was rainy as all hell, and we also were on a mission to find my wife's dad a facility to move into.  He doesn't need full blown nursing care, but really does need a bit of assistance with some of his needs now.  So we checked out some places and there are a couple of promising leads there.  That is always a tough time.

So back to Fernando, what was he doing this trip?

Let's check it out!

We checked into our townhome that we like to stay at and Fernando immediately wanted to check out what was going on outside.  He wasn't particularly enthralled with the rain.

So we headed on over to see grandpa and check out what was happening.  Fernando thinks he could live here just fine if the water works stopped.

With nothing to do outside, Fernando decided to watch DVDs with Skyler.

So after a couple of days of family stuff and being bored, Fernando asked to go downtown to the Pike PLace Market.  That sounded like a great plan to us.

Fernando decided to ride along on Skylers tray where he could get a good look.

he enjoyed the views of all the shops and had fun checking out the crowds and food.

We stopped for lunch and he checked out the waterfront through the window.  Still too rainy...

Skylers favorite cousin, Kirsten, and Fernando got along great.  Skyler still only has eyes for Kirsten though.

Wait a minute!  What the hell is this?  A giant bronze pig that Fernando got to know!!

Kirsten bought a small ceramic flute to take on her raft trips, Fernando decided to see if he could play.

That just isn't right...

Look at all the friends he made along the way!

After fernando takes a trip up into the mountains with me, he might just be packing up and moving along.  I will keep you all up to date on where he is going!


  1. Wow that was a trip made in heaven for a porcine fellow! Other piggies and cute girls? I bet Fernando's smug as can be now. And it's good he's hanging with Skyler, so long as they don't compete for the same ladies' affections, they should be golden. :)

  2. Yes, it looks like he was in hog heaven. Your father-in-laws house looks like it could have been in Cora's old neighborhood.

  3. Look how empty the market is! Clearly, you didn't go on a weekend, you smart cookie, you. That's always my Pike Place Market downfall: I underestimate how crowded it will be, show up on a Saturday with 2 zillion other idiots, and then leave in a foul mood because I couldn't see anything but the backs of strangers' heads. *grrrrrrr*

  4. Squeee!!! I LOVE Fernando..he's so stinkin cute!
    Looks like it was a fun family getaway.

    My 2 favorite pics: Fernando watching the sunset, and,
    Fernando and the BIG PIG


  5. Too bad Fernando is not here. We are having a motorcycle rally this weekend. Expecting 400 and that is quite a group for our lil 2 mile by 2 mile town.

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    A giant bronze pig? I want one.

  7. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Oh, so it's a ceramic flute! I thought it was something else (rhymes with gong). I really hope that Fernando stays in touch with us wherever he goes! I'd really miss him if he disappears. - G

  8. I'm jealous. Fernando travels more than I do, and to places I'd love to go!!

  9. Did Fernando cry, "Mama!" when he saw Bronzie (the pig)?

    Even with the rain, Seattle looks amazing!

  10. Fernando certainly knows how to have a bovine good time!

  11. Fernando once told me he was afraid to go to Seattle because he'd heard about the "Seattle Marinaters." Looks like you quelled his fears.

  12. You guys are too funny. Glad to see you back!

  13. Skyler looks as if he really enjoyed the trip!

  14. I sure hope Fernando didn't feel inferior to all those bigger pigs.

  15. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Aaah, I wondered where Fernando went. Bring me back some fish would ya?

  16. I love that Fernarndo is getting out there and making so many new friends, but also a little ashamed that he leads a more glamorous life than I do.

  17. There he is!! Looks lik ethere's a lot of pig competition there in Washington State for our boy Fernando. Or maybe his family is from there too??


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