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I was recently tagged in a meme by The Jules from the always entertaining blog, The Gravel Farm.  If you haven't read The Jules, please go over and peruse some of his wonderful tidbits from across the pond.  You won't be disappointed!

He received it from the blog of  Mr London Street and like the good paramedic that he is, passed on the contagion to me without gloves, disinfectant, or a care in the world!  I was surprised when he added to my tag the words "SkylersDad – Because I’ve always admired intelligence when it’s mixed with humility."

Obviously a cut and paste error on his part...

It proved to be a very difficult meme to write, because it required two things that I don't have; time to research or patience!  You are simply to answer 7 questions about your posts,  listing the different posts that meet the category.  Now I have been at this a bit of a while, and have amassed 1347 posts.  So this required me looking back a bit, because trying to rely on my aging and fuzzy brain is just not the way to go.  I am not listing just one post, but a couple for each category.  Not that I feel they all made the grade, but because I couldn't decide.

So here we go, strap in on tight as they say...

1. Your most beautiful post

Happy Veterans Day
I wrote this in remembrance of my only friend that I lost while serving in the Navy.

Amazing doesn't quite cut it 

This is more visually beautiful, about seeing the show called Cavalia

What a Trip, and What a Wedding it Was
All about our trip to Glacier Washington for Kirstins wedding.

2. Your most popular post

Popular comes in many different ways, but let's break it down into a couple of categories:
Looking at pure numbers:
It's Clown Week!! 3148 views

Performance Review had 1924 views

Bad Tat Tuesday: Yeah, so I've had a lot going on.... 1370 views

The Mountain Goat. Natures Ninjas 734 views

But as far as the number of comments go, this one had the most.  So lets call it popular.
I have already lost a friend today 

3. Your most controversial post

This was a tough one, because it involved opening up my soul again.  But here are 3:

The Wall

About Skyler's senior year and my bitching.

Skylers open letter to Barak Obama, if he could write it
This actually got a call from 9News to see if they could interview him.  I had to decline because he can't answer interview questions.

What lies below the surface
The toughest admission I have ever made to you all, about my feelings when
one of my friend’s son passed away

4. Your most helpful post

All the bat tat series, because if I can't entertain, at least I can serve as a warning to others.

May 30, 1975  

Where I try and educate the young and non-runners about what Prefontain was all about.

Feedback from an old story of mine 

From a guy who lost his parents in a story I posted about a local plane crash, which is listed under #7 below.

5. A post whose success surprised you

Sky-Dad Fact... Lion in sidecar.
A simple picture post that lots of people emailed me about and tagged me in posts.

The story of how Chris became Sky-Dad
I really didn't know that many people were interested.

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
2.4 Miles, 112 Miles, 26.2 Miles

Why I am an Olympics geek

Of the Olympics and Picabo 

My posts on sports are usually met with a collective yawn.

Impossible is nothing 

I thought it was a brilliant montage.

7. The post that you are most proud of
Goodbye old friend. Hootie: 1997-2009

There never was, nor will ever be a better animal.

A story from my past  about the plane crash

Lot's of actual research went into this one.

Everyone uses the word, what's your problem

About why not to use the R-word.

I am not going to tag a bunch of people, they can do this if they like or not.  But I would be interested in hearing from my old friend Johnny Yen on this...


  1. Well done mate.

    And I stand by what I wrote.

  2. You have written so many posts that fit so many different categories -- touching, funny, honest, sickening (some of the bad tats, for example!), revealing, hilarious, tear-jerking, fascinating... and I would not call your sports posts "yawn inducing" (but maybe others would?).

    The variety is part of what keeps me coming back for more.

    So congrat's on your award. It is well-deserved. :)

  3. I will go (re)read (some of) those posts!!

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I want to start at Day one of your blog and move forward to now... I think I shall. <3 VERY NICELY DONE, Chris and I'm SO GLAD you took the time to do this. Weird how it kind of made me come back to the "now"... to what is really important...did it do that to you too?

  5. A meme that requires research, work and being thinky and stuff?! What the--? Thank you for not tagging me.


  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Chris. I'll get on it!


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