Aviation Nation 2011

Sorry for the serious neglect around this little corner of the internettubes.  I have been appearing more over on my facebook account because it's cheap and easy, just like I am!


My Navy buddy Russ and I made our 3rd trip out to Vegas and Nellis AFB to attend Aviation Nation last weekend.  It was excellent as usual, and here is a collection of stills  for you to peruse.

I was going to post some videos that I took, but they kind of suck.  I found some that more professional folks than me took, which are a lot better.

My buddy Russ standing next to a tool.


  1. "standing next to a tool"


  2. Agree with So.Cal.Gal!

    Also, does anybody else want to say "NNEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW DAGGA DAGGA DAGGA!" when looking at these pics?

    No? Just me then.

    Mind you, I do that when I look at all photos. Landscapes, wildlife, portraits ""NNEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW DAGGA DAGGA DAGGA!".

  3. Can't top those last comments, no sirree, but hey, enjoyed the photo of your buddy Russ with his big ol' tool....

    wow, but I managed to make that sound more perverted than it was, didn't I?

  4. Your blog just ate my very witty comment! WTF?

    OK it was lame but still. Dude!

    I just said I'm jealous of your desert and plane trip, The Jules is high (paramedics have drugs!) and that I've also stood next to a tool. Now I'm going over here to sulk.

  5. OMG! A Stealth bomber! I've only seen one on fly-by once.
    And I"ve never seen a B-1, that's got to be one of the more beautiful pieces of machinery I've ever seen. I have no problem living vicariously through you. :)

  6. Very cool pics. I'm glad you got some good guy time in with your friend.


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