Historically Accurate Prints from ETSY!

I found this rare collection of prints that I am thinking of purchasing as a gift to myself for Christmas. Not many people are aware of the dual lives that a few of our most famous presidents lived, and these wonderful prints perfectly illustrate what is great about our heritage here in America.

Remember, these are historically accurate, and really happened!!

Go here if you want to buy them for me...


  1. hey what about Thomas Jefferson, the famous vampire slayer?
    remember there are four faces on Mt. Rushmore for a reason!

  2. Are these the Glenn Beck or Michelle Bachmann line of historically accurate prints? BTW I read Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Killer and enjoyed it more than I care to admit.

  3. Awesome! I'd have paid way more attention in history class if I knew THIS! :) Presidents and zombies. Rock ON.

  4. This is exactly why Baskin Robbins has 52 flavors....a flavor for everyone!

  5. Awesome! And here I thought history was boring. My bad.

  6. That Abe Lincoln was is awesome.


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