Bad Tat Tuesday!

As promised from last week, I am saving this whole series of bad tats that I received from Debralee for today.  I almost missed it because of the 3 day weekend, that messed me up a bit...

Enjoy these that are all techy related, and certainly weird.  Thanks Debralee!

RFID anybody?

I don't care if it's good or bad ink.  Nothing looks good across your knuckles.

This is C++ for anybody that is interested, or didn't know.  WTF?

Not to be left out of the geekdom, some Java code.

And throw in a mix of some UNIX commands.

And a couple more for the folks who are way too much into Apple.

HTML for the win!

And last but not least, a QR code.  Just in case he needs to be scanned...


  1. I say pig latin is easier

  2. the Gates tat is ugly and just so wrong

  3. really? on the apple on the toe.


  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I love how stupid people can be. For the love of the sweet baby Jesus, these tats are beyond terrible.

  5. My phone says that last bar code tattoo is "Hold On", maybe by Wilson Phillips.

    All makes sense now.

  6. This has nothing to do with tats but that pink bikini broad looks anorexic. ; )

    And back in college, why didn't I think of tatting some Fortran coding on my bod?

    Live and learn...

  7. this may be the strangest batch yet...

  8. God, people are stupid.

  9. So does my BETA tat date me??

  10. Each of these makes me happy I spent ten years thinking out my tattoo


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