Everything is bigger in Texas

I traveled to Richardson Texas this past week for work.  Due to budget cutbacks, this is the first time that we have been able to travel, and get our entire team together in over 3 1/2 years.  I met two of my co-workers face to face for the first time, and it was a bit weird actually.  I have come to know them both very well over the years of working together, but it is different being face to face the first time.  I mean, do you shake hands, hug, just act like it is the same old, same old?  So I decided to hug because I am a hugger!

We had a series of meetings that were mostly productive, and ate far more than any human being is supposed to be able to!  Portions are out of control in Texas, we had plates the size of hubcaps in most cases.  And the food was all very good, especially at Yo, which was recommended to us by our VP.  That was good he recommended it, because the bill for 7 of us was close to 600 bucks, without fancy wine or anything!

Here are some picture, most of which you have seen on Facebook, but a few new ones.

First off is a trip to the 6th floor museum where they have a wonderful exhibit and walking tour all about JFK and the assassination.

There are 3 X marks on the street where the car was when the 3 shots hit.

The window that Oswald fired from.

The grassy knoll.

The fence behind the knoll, where all of the conspiracy theory graffiti is written.

Then we walked over to YO to have dinner.  This was the best meal I have ever had, with Antelope, wild Boar Sausage, and Buffalo Filet.

After dinner we walked down to what is called the West end, where a lot of renovation has taken place.  There is some pretty cool things to see.

The doc team

This was at a BBQ joint the night before, where I ate way too much again!

One of our engineer friends, Robert, is a pretty good photographer.  He offered to take some "official" pictures of the documentation team.


  1. I am glad you had a great time. Dallas is my home and I so miss it. Stuck out here in podunk now.

    1. It was really a great city Lenore.

  2. I wish one of my co-workers worked remotely. How do you get someone relocated to Pluto?

    Love the look at that meal @ Yo's.

    1. That would be a great team building event that people might actually enjoy. Everyone gets together to vote one co-worker out of the office to home!

  3. Damn, I am always late to the party.

    You've now made me so hungry I'm going to have to go rustle up something only a quarter as interesting, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Also, I've never been to Texas and always wanted to. Because I'm a bit odd.

  4. When you mentioned on FB that you were coming to Texas I hoped it was Houston. But now that I've learned you're a hugger...

  5. You seem to have stopped aging. Nice post.


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