Love letter to life in Denver

This is directly from an article in KUNC, all props to them for this excellent work!

Quoting the full article:

A highlight reel of life in Denver has been making the viral rounds online.
“Breathless” by Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland was originally produced for the 2013 edition of TEDxMileHigh in Denver.
Anderson and Roseland, co-founders of Air Ball Creative, designed the short film to get the audience hyped about Denver. A way to translate the essence of the Mile High City and its surroundings visually.
If you’ve spent any time in Denver, or have lived in the city all your life, it could make you pretty emotional.
“More and more people are proud of living in Denver. It’s no longer a stop on your way to California, but people want to live here,” said Woody Roseland. As Denver has continued to grow and gain prominence on the world stage, Roseland says it’s starting to change its image.
“We didn’t want to do a tourism video for people who’d never been here, but a video for people who had been here. To showcase what people know and people love,” said Roseland. “It was a tough process to narrow it down.”
With so many spots in Denver to film, the pair set up a whiteboard in their apartment to map potential shots. “We wrote down every shot we wanted to get. We tried to get to 65 locations in 45 days, and some we never had clearance for,” said Roseland. “We really wanted to get the blue horse by the airport. We tried our best, but that didn’t happen.”
Other places did make it on camera. Shots of famous locations like Red Rocks and the 16th Street Mall, and shout-outs to Casa Bonita and 'playing a little harder' all build to a crescendo alongside the words of poet Ken Arkind (as spoken by Theo Wilson). Take a look (click HD & full screen while you are at it):
Roseland admits he thought his video had the potential to go viral from the start. “We hoped for that. It’s something that resonates with people and caught on. I didn’t know it would go this viral, but glad that it is,” said Roseland.
Will there be another video, a part two if you will? Roseland says that’s a distinct possibility.
“There are a lot of locations that we want to get, we do think there’s potential there to do videos for Colorado and all the other places,” Roseland muses. “That would be great. We definitely think a facet of our company is producing beautiful videos for people, for the enjoyment, that people can connect to and draw emotions from.”


  1. That's awesome! And I almost high fived the screen at "sopapillas" because I had some of those babies in Albuquerque and OMG - in love! I need to learn to make 'em myself because those things are fantastic. Denver looks amazing and one day I will check it out. At least I've made it to Colorado! :)

    1. Someday when you come back I hope to be able to meet you!

  2. I am a sucker for promotional tourism videos! Now I need to visit Denver.

    1. They really did a great job on this one Barbara, and you she see the "Come To Life" series that the state did!


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