So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night...

This Friday will be my last day at Sun Microsystems, and yeah, this is kind of how it feels!

After surviving countless lay-offs, who knows how many re-orgs, and the new top-heavy organization changes, it was just time to go.

And I am not somebody who moves around or job hops a lot. I was at my first big company for 11 years, the second company for 10, and now Sun for 7. I remember at my interview at Sun, one of the project managers, Neal, asked where the rest of my job history was on my resume. He had never seen anybody with just two companies listed.

So, the only regrets are at leaving friends behind, and I will miss the day to day interaction with you. All the hallway conversations, the jokes, and gossip will have to move to email.

But I live close to the Sun campus, so I will still come up for lunch every now and then to stay in touch, and because, well, ya know, for that great cafeteria food...


  1. "Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you."

    Althought this line is probably more appropritate for you:

    "The Sun has gone to sleep and so must I..."

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Where are you going?

  3. GKL:
    "I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly"

    Anybody who *really* knows me can attest to my flitting...

    LinkSys One, a division of Cisco systems

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Congratulations, SD! Change is a really good thing, transitions are lots of work, though...

    I have a friend that recently joined Sun. Left Dell, where life had become too miserable. Any advice?

    Oh, I'm sure you already know the risks associated with flitting - so be careful out there! ;-)


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