If you need a reason to root for a team, this is it.

I heard this story this morning on the radio. The thing that makes this so good of a story is that teams are notorious for bickering about who gets what amount of money when it comes to the playoffs. To award any portion of playoff money to a AA affiliate is unprecedented.

Here is the whole story.


  1. Way to go! Great decision!

    And this is really embarrassing to say SD, but I didn't know that Colorado had a baseball team. Don't yell! Don't ban me! They're called the Colorado Rockies? Oh brother. :)

  2. Yeah Grant, whatever... :^)

    Zed: That's right Zed, we finally got a major league team in 93, we have had AAA baseball forever around here.

    The Rockies are the second team to have the name, the first Colorado Rockies was a hockey team.

  3. Go Phillies!

    although, the Rockies are a KICKIN team. they are making the Phillies really work for it.

  4. Drats! oh well, at least they got to the playoffs.

  5. I'm rooting for the Rockies (and the Red Sox and Indians). Thank god the Cubs got eliminated, so we don't have to worry about them...

  6. GKL: Yeah, now that the Broncos suck...

    Teri: No hard feelings?

    JY: I loved your post about leaning into your sons ear and telling him Cubs are bums!

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    How can anyone NOT like the Rockies? Todd Helton's goat-tee alone has me sold!

    When I lived in Colorado (briefly) we went to a game at Coors Field, love that place. I have always followed the Rocks and was SO happy to see them turn it on toward the end, and now I hope they can keep their momentum against the D-Backs.

    And yeah, this story is awesome, shows a lot of heart on a team.


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