For Cora!

Cora has a funny post about her lewd lava lamp up, so I told her I would post this commercial about the new, bigger bottle of Perrier:


  1. HA HA HA!!!! Too funny! I love it! :-)

    And here's a big AWWWWWW for doing a special post just for little ole me, Sky Dad. Thank you!

  2. oooppps sorry I commented so much I gotta a little excited

  3. Oh my. Cora, how you do seem to INSPIRE people.

  4. I can't recall where I've seen this vid before, but I laught then and now!

    And after seeing Cora's lava lamp post, I'm going to have to add her to my blogroll. Who knew there was triple X wax?


  5. Cora: My pleasure!

    Cheer: Are you blogging with that "device" again? ;^)

    Scope: She "peaks" my interest!

    Doc: Cora is a good site to read, go check her out!

  6. I wonder if the hand model couldn't stop laughing??

  7. Oh my, between you and Cora I need a cold shower and it's only 8:30 in the morning for God's sake.

  8. This is awesome. If only the US had commercials like this!

  9. @Scope: Well, I try anyway. ;-)


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