christopher needs

Stole this from Cheer, who stole it from Kristi, who stole it from Lulu.. You all know the drill!

Google on your first name and then needs to find out what wisdom is returned. Since Skylersdad just returns my own blog ramblings, here is my given name of Christopher:

1. Christopher needs to be eliminated. And he can't just be shot, or turned in -- he has to be rubbed out in a completely clever way that's fitting for a ...
What the fuck?!? Who did I piss off?

At age 18 he was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Chris desperately needs legal and investigative help!
This isn't starting out too great now is it?

Christopher needs Tech Support.
No, not so much really...

We need to focus on what's important-- paying attention to our children, ... Aug 9: Christopher Walken announces his intention to run for President of the ...
OK, so now you all know that I am actually Christopher Walken. Sorry to have misled you all this time.

It is now abundantly clear to me: Christopher needs a P. A. (personal assistant) to take care of "the little things," thereby freeing him up to handle world ...
So on top of everyone knowing I am really Christopher Walken, now everyone knows I have a "little thing". Will this meme never end?

Dr. Christopher Needs Eastwood, New S. Wales Gender: M Specialty: Rheumatology (Arthritis) Answers Email: N Online Appt. Scheduling: N ...
OK, I lied again. I am not Christopher Walken, but really a
Rheumatology doctor in New South Wales.

Twitter / Christopher needs a bullet for his brain.
Well, some days, yes, that would be an improvement!

Listen to Somerset – The Tragedy Of Christopher Needs appears on the album Pandora...
More tragedy - That bullet is looking better...

9. If Christopher needs any size 18 or 19's sneakers i have plenty LJ.
So tell me again about my "little thing"?

10. Hello, Chris, This is a conversation that needs to happen -- I look forward to playing a part, and seeing what develops. Cheers, ...
Oooh, finally some mystery!


  1. I would vote for either you or Christopher Walken for President.

  2. I would immediately ask you to be my vice president JY!

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Why is it always about your needs? What about me?

  4. He he he, you are a close second Kirby, really... Trust me...

  5. Keep us posted on that last one!

  6. I knew you were behind that murder.


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