For a cleaner weiner!

Hey! It's mine and I'll clean it any damn way I want to!


  1. That is an amazing invention...I could say so much more but I shouldn't.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Ivory works well too. And it's probably not as expensive.

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    So Dad, I take it that you're married. Do a post on your wife. We'd love to meet her.

  4. It looks like someone opened the package and then returned it. eewwww

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Hiyo! Ring toss in the shower for everybody.

  6. Dirty: Oh please do tell!

    Dick: you are probably right. And thanks for the idea, I will do a post soon!

    Cheer: That is one package you would really need to check...

    Kirby: Bada boom, crash!

  7. I honestly have no words!

  8. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Huh. And it's ambidexterous too, and can be used solo or by a group! damnit, why couldn't *I* have thought of that??

    I suggest a colour change, tho-- something more pinkish is what I'm a-thunkin'...

  9. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Wow Teri, that's a first. I mean, I should be so lucky....

  10. Dick - I know, it doesn't happen often.

  11. What, no joke about buying the extra large version? That hospital stay must have took your typical male humor chromosone for a joy ride.

  12. Teri and Dick: back to your neutral corners now kids!

    GKL: Guys like me don't joke about size, it's just too painful to talk about...

  13. I'm with you there Grant, I always say I may not touch bottom, but I sure tickle the hell out of the sides!


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