2 days and counting...

Hey there guys! Remember that Valentines day is just 2 days away and you know you need to get your special gal that perfect something. That's why the crack staff here at Some days its not worth chewing through the leather straps has been working around the clock to provide you, the clueless male, these wonderful gift ideas...

Show your girl that you never want to be far away from her by getting yourselves matching Proximity detection shirts! They actually light up and show signal strength as they get closer to each other:

Not quite Geeky enough for you? Well then give her the gift of a special poem!

So maybe your special girl doesn't appreciate shirts, that's why you can show your romantic side by getting her HTTPanties! Nothing says take me big boy like a "413 requested entity too large" message...

But wait Skydad, I need a little something for that ex of mine that sends a special message you say? Look no further than this delightful cutlery holder to let him or her know your true feelings:

And if all else fails, you can fall back on candy. What girl wouldn't melt at the idea of custom Candy Hearts? The fine folks over at Despair.com have created a Candy Heart Generator to help you send your special message:

If you want to go check out the custom Candy Heart Generator, head on over here...

You all can thank me later.


  1. the idea of a shirt that senses the presence of another person made me throw up a lil' bit.

    And i thought knife holders were supposed to hold SIX knives-- they could stretch it up a bit and put a 6th one in the groin...

  2. Thanks for the excellent ideas, but as long as Walgreen's is open 24 hours, and has plenty of Whitman's samplers, I'll be ok.

  3. Do you need my address in order to send me all these fabulous Valentine's prezzies?

  4. If I wear one of those shirts and someone standing nearby lights up, I'm breaking into a chorus of Stills' "Love the One Your With" and hope I get lucky!!

  5. I followed a link from Pistols' blog over here just now and saw that "The EX" cutlery set. If you can believe it, I made a post this afternoon that mentioned that very item. And now I'm sorta spooked out. Seriously. That's nuts!

  6. These are all great gift ideas. However, it's still too early to be thinking about what to do for Valentines Day. I mean, c'mon, I've got like a day-and-a-half yet. No worries.

  7. Nah, I will go ahead and thank you now. I love making pornographic candy hearts.

  8. Nice HoGear!

    I need underwear for SV that says "core dump" or "defunct process".

  9. I think I'll stick with the Vermont Teddy Bear my hubby got me...(don't ask how I know)

  10. I love 'em all.
    I think the knife set is also excellent as a "Happy Divorce" present.

  11. Thanks all, and welcome to falwless and special k, always nice to have new visitors!

  12. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Can I get those HTTPanties at Victoria's Secret, or are they only available online?

  13. SV: I don't believe the HTTPanties are available at Victoria's Secret, but they do have those "drive-through" panties there...


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