Patrick Henry Hughes

I saw a new home get built for this family last night on Extreme Make Over Home Edition, and was blown away by their story. This kid is a great musical talent, his dad really rocks, and it was great to see a family who really deserved a break get their new place!

He marches in the band at Louisville, and ESPN did a story on him:

Rick Reilly did a piece on him:

Here is Patrick's webpage:


  1. That's an amazing story. The dad has got to be one tired man.

  2. Bahhh! As I go through the exciting prospect of having a child myself, I can't help but weep at the beauty and challenges of human existence. Thanks for finding and sharing this story.

  3. That show knows how to tickle the heartstrings. Their only problem: I have no heart.

  4. Pezda: That was my thought also as I saw he gets about 4 hours a day of sleep!

    Jennyb: I love these storys Jen, makes my heart feel good.

    Pistols: Are you missing any other organs?


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