While we are on the subject...

An alert friend of mine sent me this video I had forgotten about!


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    At a family dinner years ago, my son and his little cousin were running around my SIL's house. I heard giggling and an odd buzzing sound coming out of the bedroom, so naturally I jumped up and ran to the bedroom before the kids came out waving what I assumed was a giant battery operated dildo. Turns out they had just got a hold of an electric toothbrush. I told my SIL what happened, but oddly enough, she was neither impressed by quick reaction, nor amused by my assumption she owned a giant dildo.

  2. Kirby: At a future family dinner I suggest you plant a large battery powered dildo someplace that is easy to find, just to see, you know, what happens!

    Teri: Fun times indeed!

  3. hooray for alert friends!!

    Mmmm... Ooooh, to have bean there in PERSON! CHIX IN GLASSES!!

  4. I really gotta remember to turn my speakers down when I watch movies at work.

  5. hahahahahaha...They might be lousy at winning wars, but they're great at sexually risque videos!


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