I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

I mentioned in my post about our trip to the Seattle area how expensive it was. Kathy's folks have been in The Bellevue area forever, before it was a happening place. They have seen a lot of change, lots of land gobbled up, houses springing up, then the influx of people with cash coming in and buying up the place. Each time that we have gone out to see them, you see many more of the older houses that used to be small and sit on between a half-acre to an acre disappear to be replaced by a huge house or a couple of houses. It really has been amazing to watch the transformation over the last 25 years we have been going there.

One of our favorite things to do is go and walk around, check out the flyers in the boxes in front of the houses for sale. I keep hearing about a downturn in the economy and the housing market going to hell. I see it around here, but if you only knew about this area, you certainly wouldn't know it!

Here are some samples I grabbed and scanned...

Sorry this one is cut off. It was a huge flyer, about 14x18... Whats up with that? Anyway, 1.5 million and it fills up an entire lot.

This one had a sweet lot that looked out over lake Washington. they left some land around it insted of the usual method of putting two homes in where 1 used to be.

This was on a corner lot running right up to the street. Absolutely no room around it, and the flyer looks like a painting instead of a photo.

Here they are putting 4 homes into where there used to be one house with some land around it. Check out the size! Notice there isn't a price? It's probably one of those "if you have to ask you can't afford it" deals. I wonder what the original owners got? They are living the good life now on a beach somewhere...

Even the Condos and Townhomes are pricey. As they say in Real Estate, location, location, location!

Pretty amazing how the other half lives, someday my house will be worth, oh, about 25 bucks more than I paid for it. I am pretty savvy that way you know.


  1. I'm amazed any builder is stupid enough to build anything in this market. I've seen a number of new houses and condos go up in the last 18 months and sit empty.

  2. Holy Mary and Joseph.

    I could never own a home if I didn't live where I do. I heart my central NC very reasonable housing market.

  3. My house wouldn't even rate with the servants quarters of these places.


  4. We are living pretty cheap right now, but I live in fear that my husband will get transferred again and we won't be able to sell our house and then not be able to afford a home anywhere else. I'm all for staying put for the time being and hanging onto what we've got for the time being.

  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I just put new tires on my home. That should get me another $47.99 when it's time to sell.

  6. I'm living in a closet. In a log cabin. I've got $2 until next Thursday. I had to scan this cake and then double up on my antidpressants...


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