Lets hear it for the old folks!

Confessions from an Olympic geek, I just love watching all the events on TV. I am particularly drawn to these Olympic trials in swimming this year. There are so many good story's and amazing performances. But last night was one that is just too amazing to comprehend.

Dara Torres is going to swim in her 5th Olympics.

She not only qualified last night, she won the 100 meters beating out

Natalie Coughlin who finished second, in 53.83. Natalie Coughlin is 25 years old.

Lacey Nymeyer who finished third, in 54.02. She is 22.

Jessica Hardy who took fourth, in 54.62. She is 21.

Dara said later she has goggles older than some of these girls. Some of them had not yet been born when Dara qualified for her first Olympics in 1984.

Here is a profile of Dara:

And here is Dara winning the 100 last night, sorry there is no embed, only a link:

I guess there is hope for us aging athletes after all.


  1. That is really amazing!

  2. what an inspiration
    i watched it
    she is amazing

    and she is a mother!

    you mean there is hope for us yet

    off to the gym

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

    She's a mom?! I need to start spending more time in the pool.

  4. I'm inspired to walk to the PO for the mail. there's a big hill by the graveyard that always kicks my ass-- can I get some shout-outs for tacklin' THAT??

    Hee... "I have goggles older than they are."

  5. "her full-time stretching coach works on her every day" -- ooooh, I just bet HE DOES!! Especially when you get to put yer face in a swimmer's butt like that!!

    ::ahem:: Lord, I apologize....

  6. I wonder how the Chinese pollution will affect runners during the olympics, though.


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