Lets plan ahead more than 30 days, shall we?

I worked out this morning on the elliptical trainer next to an old friend Tom. Tom has a business that takes him all over the world, and he is gone probably about 10 months out of the year. His company is in construction, using green technologies to help build solar and wind facilities to help lower the cost of keeping buildings efficient. So why is Tom gone 10 months out of the year?

Nobody in the good old USA has the foresight to spend a few extra bucks now to make their facility more efficient in the future.

Tom just returned from Dubai, where he told me the have a 5 year plan to spend 1.3 Trillion (yes Trillion with a T) dollars on construction projects that will be some of the most efficient in the world. He said that in these 5 years they will build approximately the equivalent of 4 cities the size of Houston, to house the people who are moving into the area.

That's just crazy to me, but he says it's really happening, and that they have plans to be completely off oil themselves in the near future. So they will just be collecting our money from the oil they sell, to fund all of their new construction, and get off oil themselves.

Makes complete sense to me...


  1. Good - maybe half of Boulder will move there too.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Plan ahead? That's just some crazy talk right there.

  3. I think McCain's plan of offshore drilling so we will have oil from that off shoring drilling in ten years is a good plan......maybe by then we will not need all the oil that may or may not be found.....I also think the plan our current prez has in place of sucking the enitre nation dry and wringing ever cent he can get from us is a plan he had for years...ohohoh and his plan to invade Iraq was in the works for years too that was a good plan..

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Wow, I can't even program my DVR for August. Impressive.

  5. hon, if we were CAPABLE of planning green, we would all have hydrogen fuel cells in our cars after the FIRST energy crunch 30 years ago.

    Didn't I read somewhere that Clinton made a law that car manufacturers had to improve their output by 20% or something, and then Bush shredded that bill up in his first 100 days??

    Foresight-- what's that??

  6. I read about this in National Geographic. Grant Miller Media intends to move its offices there soon.

  7. Dubai is probably the most progressive of the Middle Eastern countries. They have some truly incredible projects going on there.

  8. I think I'd like to cry now.


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