Fernando Update...

It has been too long since I posted about our pork-based purveyor of fun, Fernando.  He has kind of been laying low since we got back from Vegas and the airshow. 

He didn't ever buy gas, but at least he took his turn pumping...

"Hurry up, let's get on the road"!  Bossy little pig, isn't he?

He didn't enjoy being stuck behind an 18-wheeler on the two-lane section either.

He kind of went wild in "The Entertainment Capital of the World" so to speak:
He wanted to go into the Riviera, and see the showgirls.

We came back later and he had got himself into a butt-load of trouble!

Fernando's plan for the evening was high-priced escorts.  We declined.

He did like the Stratosphere.

Especially the Guinness and the sports betting.  He is a big pigskin fan (see what I did there?)
 And yesterday he was all excited about getting to meet up with another blogger, Kristi Love!

Kristi showed off her Ice Monkey blade covers to Fernando.

He hasn't stopped talking about his lunch with Kristi all day.


  1. Methinks Fernando is going to have a brand new Facebook profile picture...

  2. EW! I don't think I'd touch him after where he's been....

  3. I thought twice about kissing him, that's for sure.

  4. Hey now GKL, he was thoroughly cleansed when he arrived. Now you have hurt his feelings, but you can make it up by kissing me next time I see you and I will pass it along...

  5. Man, dat pig does get around! And I'll bet unlike me, he showed no fear on The Insanity @The Stratosphere.

  6. He's such a pig! To get stuck between a pair of butt cheeks! And in public even!!!

    But I hope I didn't offend him with my last post. I'm sure ham is a sore subject with him. Tell him I'm sorry, will ya?

    *snort* my wv is: comer ; )

  7. Funny how the girls butts are so shiny. How many pigs have touched those fannies?

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Brass butted skank sculptures? Eeewww.

  9. fernando has gone where no pig has gone before

  10. That Fernando has all the luck!

  11. Thank you! Fernando was my inspiration for "Otto". :)

  12. Baahahahahaha! Fernando all nestled between the ass cheeks just slayed me! Niiiiiiiiiiiice.


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