Has anybody ever wondered where all those "B" list celebs go?

My friend Allen on Facebook found this, and it deserves reposting.  But I didn't want to re-share on Facebook because it would just roll by too quickly.

This needs to just sit someplace for awhile and simmer, like the primordial stew of sucky-ness that it is.

I would say enjoy, but I just wanted the rest of you to be scarred for life like I am now.


  1. I didn't know who 1/2 those people were...and I thought the other 1/2 was dead. ; )

    I guess getting their second "15 minutes of fame" was worth coming out of the woodwork.

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    OMFreaking Zombie Jeezus! That wasn't just awful, that was awful with sprinkles.

  3. I made it up to 3 minutes, that's enough for me. I think it was the guy in the suit on the beach, air guitaring, jeez.
    George Wendt probably has a small child stored in his neck, that's my guess.

    word ver. - sting - no kidding.

  4. Sweet dancin' Moses! That really made my day.

  5. I kept looking for Punky Brewster.

  6. Btw, I watched most of it without my sound on. Thank goodness! I'm not a fan of the Beatles to begin with...and especially now! ; )

    WV: crier (appropriate after watching it).

  7. I am just floored!! Wha'ha - no Rick Springfield??

    That guy from Milli Vanilli was totally lip synching.

    I'm going to have to steal this you know.

  8. and can I just say "In what dumpster did they find TONYA HARDING?!?!"

  9. Wow, when Dolph Lundgren said, "I must break you," he wasn't kidding.

    Upping the creep factor, the word verify for this? "oocome."

  10. Anonymous5:54 PM

    "Who are 25 people who have never been in my kitchen?" Sorry Cliff, that is incorrect.

    "Who are 25 people I haven't thought about since Tom Cruise jumped the couch?" Ding Ding Ding! That is correct Georgina, for the win.

    - G

    PS. Tonya Harding looked like she was going bite the cameraman. She still scares me.

  11. Tonya Harding's considered a celeb, eh? Well, great. So where's Amy Fisher?!

  12. And Jason Alexander soooooooo doesn't belong on that B list. He's George! Come on!

  13. Some of these definitely aren't B-listers, like Glenn Close. But sweet holy hell, why is she in this. And more importantly, WHAT IS THIS? Is everyone lip synching? If so, did they not remember that Huey Lewis can actually sing. That totally wasn't his voice. Weird.

    I turned it off when it got to Ray Pruitt (Jamie Walters). That no-talent douchebag is my limit.

  14. Oh, bummer. It's gone. Guess that's what I get for ignoring my bloggy friends for a few days...

  15. and today the video is gone


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