Her answer to whatever question was "world peace"

WAYNESBURG, Ky. - Miss America 1944 has a talent that likely has never appeared on a beauty pageant stage: She fired a handgun to shoot out a vehicle's tires and stop an intruder. Venus Ramey, 82, confronted a man on her farm in south-central Kentucky last week after she saw her dog run into a storage building where thieves had previously made off with old farm equipment.

Ramey said the man told her he would leave. "I said, 'Oh, no you won't,' and I shot their tires so they couldn't leave," Ramey said.

She had to balance on her walker as she pulled out a snub-nosed .38-caliber handgun.

You go Venus!!


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    I wanna carry 'round a handgun when I'm 82 in my walker bag!! We need more chix like this!!

  2. I think she's since changed it to "Peace Through Superior Firepower!"

  3. Anonymous2:18 AM

    That story reminds me of the scene in Every Which Way But Loose, where the biker gang tries to intimidate Ruth Gordon and she pulls out her shotgun and starts shooting their bikes... hahaha. Way to go, Venus!

  4. Hi All: When I am 80, I will have two weapons mounted on either side of my walker, just daring anybody to mess with me!

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Yeah, that's a home girl from my home state!


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