We have a new leader for mom of the year!

From AP via Comcast News:

Angry Soccer Mom Accused of Neglect
By Associated Press
Tue Apr 17, 9:08 PM

LINCOLN, Neb. - An angry soccer mom who left her teenage daughter alongside an interstate was ticketed for neglect, Lincoln police said Tuesday. Police spokeswoman Katherine Finnell confirmed this account from police reports:

The 42-year-old Lincoln mom was miffed about her daughter's poor play on Saturday.

On their drive home the girl flubbed the lines her mom had drilled into her on how to improve her game, so the mother slapped her daughter.

The girl told her mom to pull over. The mom did, near the downtown Lincoln exit off Interstate 80.

The mom yelled at the girl to get out. When she did, her mom drove off.

A teammate's parent spotted the girl alongside the interstate, stopped to pick her up, then took her to their home and called police.


  1. And people wonder why teenagers start drinking.

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I wonder if they will look back at this an laugh some day. Yikes.

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I smell a reality show.

  4. good for the second mom. I would have called the police too. thank God the frist mom wasn't a cheerleading mom from Texas. we all know what happens when they get pissed off.

  5. All: I especially like the part where she slapped her daughter for flubbing her lines! Simply amazing.

  6. This sort of reminds me of William Hurt in Broadcast News when they flashback to him as a kid and he gives a bad report card to his dad. His dad is about to let him have it, but he goes on the offense and rattles off a speach about having to do better in school to reach his potential. "I will get better. I will.... I will, I will!! Thanks dad for this lecture with me. I think it really helped."

    Too bad the psycho soccer mom's kid has probably never seen it.

  7. GKL: I have to go get that movie and watch again. I don't remember that part, and it was such a great movie.

  8. Wow. I'm thankful my mema wasn't so crazy.

  9. Boob Lady: I have heard the term mema, but don't know what it means. I am assuming mom, is that right?


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