A man with serious stones

There aren't that many people who have even climbed all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks (our own GKL is in hot pursuit).

Here is a story about a local guy who knocked them all off in a single year, AND, skied down each one when he was done climbing!

Some of the peaks are quite easy to ski down, most are really tough, and some I have no fucking clue how he pulled it off...


  1. I wrote a story about a guy climbed the highest peaks in every state and he also climbed all the highest peaks in Colorado. Obviously, the peaks in Illinois, Iowa and elsewhere aren't that exciting.

  2. Grant:That's a lot of travel! My mothers family settled in Kansas and we used to have to visit once a year. They took us out to their "ski hill" one time, we have speed bumps that are larger out here.

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    He named his kid Topher. He should get hold of some thicker air, maybe.

  4. Grant - I actually came across that article once and noting the name... wondered if that was you. I could tell, sort of, but the writing style just wasn't the same as what's on your blog.

    SkyDad, how the hell does one ski off of Capitol?! Wow.

  5. Anon: Is that like a new, hip, shortened version of Christopher?

    GKL: I was thinking of the Crestone Needle, holy shit!

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Yeah, maybe... I'm so freaking old, I guess. Never even came to mind... (sigh)

  7. Getkristilove: That is some fucked up shit. That was me.

  8. Grant: I kept the link for the longest time and kept meaning to email you and ask if it was yours. But then you know, you have so many young, beautiful, women fans wanting your attention that I thought I'd just get cast aside.

    From what I remember about the article, it was well-researched and succint, but it didn't have any self-deprecation, so I was a bit confused.

  9. GKL: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


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