One has to wonder with one word.

The blogger with the best top of the head out there, the delightful Beth, tagged me with an interesting meme. I have to answer one word questions.

I wonder why they aren't one word statements?

Oh well, that's a debate for another time, away we go!

#1 - Clothes.
Very, very, casual. Bordering on looking like a flood victim most of the time. It doesn't help that I work out of the house now, and can't be bothered to even put on clothes most of the time...

#2 - Furniture
I am the proud owner of one of the finest collections of American Furniture Warehouse "scratch and dent sale" sets to be seen! I do a private tour on the 5th Tuesday of every month.

#3 - Sweet
Why, yes I am, thank you! What's that Beth? Oh, I see. What do I like that is sweet... My bad. I enjoy chocolate, preferably dark chocolate.

#4 - City
Hong Kong. I was there twice in the Navy and it is electric. It is busy, fun, cultural, and the nighttime view from the top of Victoria Peak is awesome!

#5 - Drink
Guinness! I love me some dark beer!

#6 - Music
Here is where I will seem like an idiot (only here Chris, I hear all the voices say).
I like a little bit of music, but from a really diverse set of artists and types. My favorite artist is a toss up between Harry Chapin and Dan Fogleberg.

#7 - TV Series
Must I have only one? Well then it will be Star Trek, the original and Next generation. Yeah, I am seriously a geek...
If it has to one that is on now, NCIS.

#8 - Film
My all time favorite is One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

#9 - Workout
Every single morning, early as hell. I go to Bally's and hit the stairmaster, Elliptical Trainer, Bikes, lift a little, almost all cardio.

#10 - Pastries
Hard to believe with my chocolate fixation I don't really care for pastries. I would have to say that if cornered, I would say Apple Spice donuts.

#11 - Coffee
Starbucks has it's evil hold on me with the Triple Venti Mocha. I sat down with a calculator and found out what I spend yearly in that place. It isn't pretty, I think I might take up crack instead!

Thanks Beth for the tag, and I am passing along the fun to whoever wants to participate. It's easy, come on folks, play nice.


  1. I hear it's a lot easier to find a Starbucks than a crack dealer these days. They've really put all the Mom and Pop crack dealers out of business. It's sad.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    "Cuckoo's Nest" was one of those rare novel to movie translations that really worked.

  3. I'll send you a list of furniture I'm looking for, in case you find it on one of those very rare fifth Tuesdays.

  4. Oh, a Guinness man. Well done!

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I loved One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Guinness is good too.

  6. yummmmmm Dark Chocolate.....

  7. Pistols: They always stick it to the little businesses.

    Kirby: I never did read the book, I will have to some day, right after I clean, or do anything productive...

    Beth: Think particle board.

    Bubs: You bet, good stuff!

    Dick: They go well together!

    Special K: It's my downfall.

  8. "I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this."

    Damn, now I feel like grabbing some Guinness and watching that again.

  9. I'm headed downstairs for some #5, #10 & #11.

    Is sex on the list as well??

  10. I am in thrall to Starbucks when I am on the road. The testament to this are the 11 or 12 Starbucks cards laying on my dresser, each with around 11 cents left on them. I keep forgetting to refill and just buy a new one.

  11. Mcgone: That would be a great evening right there!

    Captain: If sex were on the list, my response would have been "Yes please".

    Dave: I got one of the Gold cards they are trying out here in Colorado. Free money shows up on it every now and then!

  12. Hot damn! That's like finding free cocaine to an addict. I got to get me one of those.


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