The card sent around the world!

Updated 10/14 noon-ish...

Mr. Nobody is the big winner, and since he is new to me, I will not traumatize him with an ass-scan.

I am a winner! Teri from Family Tree Junkie
passed on the traveling card to me!! I am sitting on the couch basking in the glow of it's awesomeness right now. Actually, astute blog readers will probably figure out I am typing instead of basking, but you get the gist...

Teri got the card from the wonderful Jen and in order to continue the chain, somebody has to be the next in line. So leave a comment if you want to be the next to receive this wonderful card, and I will draw straws, or accept the largest bribe to decide who will get it next. Here are the rules, because without rules, we might all go "Lord of the Flies" or some such nonsense...

Official rules & regulations:
• When You Get “The Card”post a photograph/scan of it’s arrival & contents
• Ask readers to leave a comment if they want the card next
• Pick the blogger who is worthy
THEN add your name / url plus a
nice message or creative addition to the card

• Include a copy of the official rules with the card
• Send it on it’s way to the next worthy recipient
• Send it out fast..
- no putting it on the mantle an admiring it for 3 weeks…
• Can a blogger who has already received the card - be sent the card again? - Yes!
• What if there is no room left on the card? -

Got all that? So here is the card as it stands:

That was the card prior to Teri, and she added this lovely postcard:

See? See? It is beyond awesome! What will SkyDad add to the card? The imagination reels at what could come out of my twisted little brain, but special consideration will be given to any commenter requesting an ass-scan. See the 3rd picture of this post if you don't get it...

Bring it people!


  1. DUDE! Send me the card next!

  2. I vote MR. Nobody™
    gets it next!!!

    just sayin'

  3. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I want the card! I want the card!

  4. you're a winner Mr Nobody!

  5. Thank you! I'd also like to thank my blog readers, my mom, my dad, but not my brother, and especially Jen!

  6. I am sooo not worthy!! Send it to Doc or Flann or Spooky next!!

  7. Wait, wait wait. This is kind of like rocket science.

  8. I forgot to post here that I have the card! It's awesome, and me feel all special. Even a bit tingly in certain places knowing that Amy, Jen, and Teri had it before us.

    Thanks, man!


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