It's a Freaky Friday

Wont you join me as I clean out some things that have been piling up around the home office of Sky-Dad enterprises, where I keep my minions hard at work.

This crack staff scours the land of strange and weird, finding only the finest, er, oddest in items that you, my dear friends, don't want to show up in your browser history. So please settle in and breathe in the aroma of the dark and twisted. You can thank me later...

Could be a setup, but I am going with time traveler.

This is why you are nice to your children. You might get a decent old folks home instead of being put out to sea.

Upon further reflection, she wasn't so happy with the surprise party.

I used to work for Judy. It wasn't exactly a picnic.

I don't have any vision issues, but I still want a seeing eye pony!

30.10 is a steal for a decent Croc Snout!!

It's my favorite piece, "Despondent women being consoled by bruin".

For all you Predator fans out there.

Why thank you Mr Walken, it's an honor to be watched by you!

Here is big bonus ending! Can you guess what this is used for? Scroll down...

If you had "Handhold for sexual positions" you are today's big winner!


  1. Too bad I don't have any kids because being put out to sea looks kinda fun.

    And what does it say about me that Judy made me laugh out loud?

  2. Is that what you get when you Google "Sexual Predator"?

  3. Damn. For some reason, I never would have guessed that....

  4. "Stick it to 'em"! Ha! Nice! :-)

  5. This is the best collection of random awesomeness in all of blogging history!!!

    I was thinking it was a man hole cover putter-onner, and, well, I was close.

  6. Anonymous1:51 PM

    At least Judy learned early that people really don't like to be told the truth.

  7. the guide horse is missing a shoe.

  8. so that is what goes on when i call for computer help at the work call center

  9. where th' pix of the people with severe glass cuts and head wounds after their shower powers came loose from the wall??


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