Bad Tat Tuesday: Yeah, so I've had a lot going on...

It has been a bit hectic between holidays, a trip to Nevada for an air show, and trying to stay caught up with work.  I didn't even realize it was Tuesday until I looked at a conference call reminder!  What the hell?  This week has already been about 5 days long it seems...

But I have been remiss in bring you your dosage of bad ink, so away we go!

These portraits always turn out so well, don't they?

Something to aspire to I guess.

Is that the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  And on a Crescent roll??

At first I thought this was nasty, but that is just my twisted brain.  It still is a bit off to me.

Nothing says "I am your next middle manager" in a job interview like stick figure neck porn.

What can he say?  He's a fan of outlets.
I am just a little curious about the need to document the date.  And why with just a slip of paper instead of a newspaper like a ransom demand?


  1. Why didn't he just TATOO the date on?

  2. Wow. It's like that poor lady with the portrait said, "Please paint me exactly as I would be if I had been in the sun for four days straight then turned into one of the undead!"

    The Pilsbury thing is just plain hot. Sorry did I say hot, I meant "WTF?".

    And the lady with the two riding boys is VERY off. There's a gonna be some squealin' with that purty mouth!

  3. The photo of that 1st lady is very nice. Too bad the translation onto skin is an EPIC FAIL.

    And the women with the 2 boys looks like a cross between the Mona Lisa and PeeWee Herman.

  4. neck tattoos are odd any way.....but! And therefore.....who,why, what?
    Too much.

  5. Pilsbury is sure giving it to Little Debbie. Hope he's using condiments, or else she will end up with a bun in the oven.

  6. That Pillsbury-on-Debbie thing is just wrong. Now I've lost my appetite for Zebra Cakes. At least for the next 3 minutes.

  7. The guy with the stick figure neck porn will never rise higher than truck driver his entire career. That might even be too high a position for him. He'd better buy himself a dozen turtlenecks in a wide variety of colors.

  8. As always.... WHAT are these people THINKING?!?

  9. Anonymous6:59 AM

    What is the matter with these people? Stick porn? The Pilsbury Dough Boy? Every time I come here and I think this week's selection couldn't be any worse than the last, I'm proven wrong. (But I just can't stop coming back because I love Bat Tat Tuesday!!!) - G

  10. A stick figure porn tattoo is one thing, but on your neck where EVERYONE will see it? That's just not thinking.



    He just kissed being taken seriously goodbye. Imagine him in a job interview or on a blind date or going before a judge in a court case or something! Pffffft! He should have just tattooed "ignore me, I'm an ass hat" across his forehead and called it a day.

  11. Again. I'm sure when they're 80 years old, they'll want tattoos of people having sex on them...And on his neck? Really?

  12. "And on a Crescent roll??" No, that's his ass cheek. But I can see why you'd mistake the two..

  13. It seems like the world may never run out of bad tattoos, just when I think I've seen them all...

  14. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Wow. Just wow. I think I say that EVERY week, but wow.

  15. He dated the tattoo because it's a "meme" on form boards and to prove that it is actually you, you must provide what is called a "time stamp" which of course is the date that the pic was posted.

  16. The wolf tattoo is actually an internet "meme" the reason the man held up a piece of paper with the date on it was to show it off on an image form broad. If you do not have this dated piece of paper also know as a "time stamp" nobody will believe it's actually you...

  17. Anonymous10:58 AM

    1 why would you get a tatoo of a old woman that in her 70
    2 poor tatoo
    3 it look gay
    4 your wife is ugly and you kids


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