More Bad Tat Tuesday

Like a bad penny that keeps turning up, there never seems to be an end to the supply of bad ink.

This one came to me from an old high school friend simply titled "Jesus Hoshi".  I have no idea...

Oh god, what could make a Raiders fan worse?

I had to ask.  An Al Davis tat will always make a raiders fan worse.
Pretty decent work, but scary odd.

Help me out people, what in the world is this?  An angel of sorts?

Diving bird half-finished?

Oh now I like this!  I can get behind the easy chair.

It comments on the tats or it doesn't get it's precious!


  1. ok ok i am not a sports fan by any means....but is that the lotto numbers on that raiders head?

  2. With the diving bird: I'm not sure getting a tat on the installment plan is a good idea. Reminds me of that old Johnny Cash song, "One Piece At A Time".

    Link to video: LINK

  3. Did that "angel" just cut out her own heart?
    I didn't know that there were dinosaurs at the same time that Jesus was here.

  4. I didn't know that old hippie on "That 70's Show" was Jesus!!!

  5. That last person has more problems (mostly mental) than just a bad tat.

  6. I loved the easy chair one. The Raiders nonsense? Not so much.

  7. wait, is that Al Davis or Zippy the Pinhead??

  8. Looking at the giant breasts, I think that must be the honky-tonk angel of which Kitty Wells sang.

  9. Anonymous9:51 PM

    An easy chair? WTF? That is so utterly stupid that I am laughing my ass off right now! I'm really loving Bad Tat Tuesday's- G

  10. And again I'm left wondering how many of these clowns woke up the next morning saying to themselves, "well, crap, that was STOOOOOOPID."


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