What's Fernando Up To Now?

Fernando has been a busy boy lately, getting out and about with me on a ride on the EliptiGo.  We took a cruise up and down the Dry Creek trail through Westminster and Broomfield, and then it got pretty nasty as a storm blew in.

 Stopped at the Westminster Pavilion to take a break, and Fernando was checking out the view from the handlebars.

 There's a closeup of our porkish friend.

As we rode farther east, the wind picked up something fierce!  We were turning around at the Tom Frost reservoir when Fernando got excited about the funnel cloud that was trying to develop!

OK, time for plan B.  Get the hell out of the open area!  I called my wife and told her we could meet her at a different grocery store that was a little farther north than our regular one, so off we rode.

Once safely at the store, Fernando wanted to ride around the parking lot on his own.  He just doesn't have the neccessary weight to peddle.

 So I talked him into waiting at the table that was outside in the sun until my wife came.  He thought that was cool.

After my wife and Skyler got there we went in and di our shopping.  Fernando was little to no help, getting into everything and causing a lot of problems.  Then he made a big scene in the meat department...

"Frank?  Is that you"!


  1. Aaawww, that's so sad!

    You know, I'm sitting her checking out Fernando as he's mourning the loss of his friend because I'm just crass that way, and I'm thinking he'd look hot with an earring.

  2. Man, poor Frank. No wonder Fernando's keen to live the good life and do all the outdoor activities he can. Life is short. Life is precious. He knows this. Frank didn't. Look what happened to Frank.

  3. dude, there's a DEFINITE advantage to being made of plastic. I've said so for YEARS, and now we all know, thanks to you and Fernando!!

  4. But Fernando, Frank is now filled with onion and garlic goodness.

  5. Poor Fernando! He's probably sad that Frank can't ride an EliptiGo (anymore).

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Oh Fernando! You just made me pee my pants. I'm so sorry about your friend. (I can't even see the keyborad through the tears in my eyes right now.) - G

  7. I can't believe you got that pig to exercise.

  8. I had a feeling a venture into the grocery store might be a bad idea. *sniff* :-(


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