The Mountain Goat. Natures Ninjas

Here in Colorado we have a couple of different types of rock Ninjas, The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep (our state animal) and the Mountain Goat.  The Big Horn Sheep has been declining in numbers over the years due an infestation of lung diseases, and because of the proliferation of the Mountain Goat which is a larger and tougher animal.  Both animals share a characteristic, and that is their hooves have a sharp outer rim and a soft inner pad, which provide traction on slippery surfaces.  This makes them amazingly agile on rocks and surfaces that most animals and certainly man can't negotiate.

I found a series of pictures and a video that I think you will find pretty wild.

Pretty amazing, huh?  Well check out this video from the Himalayas, showing the Ninja skills of the local goat they have there!

Introducing The Himalayan Ninja Goat - Watch more Funny Videos


  1. They're pretty bad ass.

  2. WHAT!!???
    That's just ca-RAZE-zee!!

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    OMG, can you imagine if humans could do this?? holy crap!

  4. ive wanted to work with the the mountain goats for a while now. They'd totally out climb me, though. They are badass.

    Oh, and the sheep are okay.

  5. You like some crazy ass animals, man.

  6. Holy crap! And here I thought I wasn't afraid of heights.

  7. Craziness and awesome huh?!

  8. On one of the Planet Earth DVDs, they show a snow leopard chasing a mountain goat in Nepal. It was simply amazing to watch. So was this.

  9. So cool. I've seen mountain goats up close and personal in Colorado and South Dakota.

  10. Incredible. I've only ever seen farm goats and there doesn't seem to be anything ninja-like about them. Dang.


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