Bad Tat Tuesday; Even more guests!

Thank you all for the additions to this continuing saga of what not to do to your body!  This week, the idea comes from Mr. Mjenks, who is one of the funniest and most educational people out in Bloggeritaville.  You really must check out his posts on learning latin.  I know that I have picked up a few new words, mostly stuff that I can't use in public around latin speakers, but I be learnin anyways!

Mjenks had the need to do a search for Al Bundy, which is one of the reasons I like him, and alerted me to the vast quantities of Al Bundy related tats out there.  So away I went a googling and lo and behold, the man doth not lie.

 The best of the bunch.  I am breaking you in easy here.

 I didn't know that Al was predominantly a purple hue, interesting...

 Al was never this happy, I don't even see the resemblance.

 Who wants Al and whoever the other person is right on their butt cheeks?  Who wants to wait long enough with the ass in the air to get these?

 This isn't really bad work, and isn't really one of the best expressions Al had.

 The hair and the huge skin pores are really setting this one off well, don't you think?

 Now that's the classic Al we all know and love.

OK, so it's not a tat.  It came up in the search and I love the photo.

Thanks Mjenks, I appreciate the help!


  1. Is it Mr bean on the other arse cheek?

    Bizarrely random choices.

    I'm glad I just stuck with Don King and Nostradamus on mine.

  2. Now anyone with class would have had Al on one cheek and Peggy on the other. ha ah

  3. Do you know why my number was 33 in high school? Because that's how many the line was deep to ride the Wild Bundy!

  4. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Al Bundy? Seriously? (But I have to admit, some of those renderings are pretty accurate. One of them looks like Mr. Roper from Three's Company. Come to think of it, I'll bet there is someone out there with a tattoo of Mr. Roper. It wouldn't surprise me! - G

  5. Anonymous8:19 AM


  6. Al Bundy tats? But, no Peg? WTH?

  7. There's no accounting for what people will permanently etch into their body.

    Whenever I'm in Montreal or somewhere distinctly Frenchish, I regularly quote Al Bundy's commandment number two: It is wrong to be French.

    I might get THAT tattoo. Ha!

  8. I had no idea that many people were fans of Al Bundy

  9. Anonymous11:27 AM

    It could have been worst - they could have put Marcie on them.

  10. Um, wow...Why? Especially since most people of a certain age don't even know who Al Bundy is.

  11. The 1st one isn't bad. I'd want my money back on the rest of them...

  12. Again, I'm left wallowing in horror thinking of the poor tattoo artist who had to etch those faces on that person's ass. I hope he/she was well paid.


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