Bad Tat Tuesday; The Celebrity Edition

I received an email from Leslie, a frequent commenter, asking me if I had ever done a celebrity edition of Bad tat Tuesday. She was even kind enough to send me a link with some creepy celeb ink. Thanks Leslie, this one is for you!

 First out of the gate is Iron Mike.  Mr. Tyson decided he wasn't scary or deranged looking enough as is and went tribal on his face.

 Rihanna has one of the more famous tats on her neck, the trail of stars.

According to the web link, that says "Never A Failure, Always A Lesson".

Alyssa Milano can put whatever the hell she wants on her body as far as I am concerned.  This is supposed to celebrate her Roman Catholic upbringing.

Because it's all about her, Christina Aguilera tattooed her alter ego name on the back of her neck.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has his family history inked on his shoulder in the art of Oceania. I hope the guy who did the work screwed him and put something on there that says he is the female in the relationship.

 Sigh... My own local NBA franchise spent a small fortune to acquire Kenyon Martin, who can hardly speak, and has a huge pair of lips on his neck.

Rocker Fred Durst is just kind of a hot mess, with or without the tats.

Steve-O is pretty much a jackass.  Here he shows us that he is pretty much in love with himself too.

We will end this series with Angelina.  Lot's of bad decisions here, with the famous Billy Bob ta she had to have redone to the copious amount of work on the back.  Yet she still gets movie roles.


  1. I hate to admit it, but Tyson is kind of hot.

  2. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Yeah - no comment from me on this edition.

  3. Why? Why would anyone tattoo their own name on themself? Is it like the adult equivalent of your mom pinning a note to your coat in case you get lost and can't remember your name? Jeeeeeeeeeez.

  4. Excellent idea, Leslie! And some inspired work digging through the copious amounts of bad tats on celebs to pick these few.

    You could probably fill a month of the series just with bad tats on NBA players, though. Birdman, I'm looking at you.

  5. My favorite neck tat has to belong to Heather, the 2nd place finisher on the 1st season of Rock of Love. She tattooed Bret Michaels' name on her and then didn't even win. Classic. But then, she's not really a celeb, so I'm not surprised to not see her here.

  6. Maybe Christina could tat the words to our national anthem on her wrists. Sort of like a cheat sheet for next time. Oh wait there won't be a next time!!!!

  7. I wish I was Rihanna's tattoo artist.

  8. No matter what the tat, it looks so much better on a hot person, doesn't it?

  9. Angelina Jolie's tats always looked like a bar code to me.
    Tats still just scare me. Icky.

  10. Anonymous1:45 PM

    The alternate title for this series could read: Money doesn't always buy taste.

  11. Hey, Glad you enjoyed the tats. I have to agree with Kirby. Money doesn't always buy taste. Maybe the next edition could be celebrity tats with misspellings. Les

  12. The stars on Rihanna are kinda least they're not on her b(.)(.)bs.

  13. Gosh darn seems that many can not understand the beauty of a good tat....of course many of these can not find a good tat.
    I will say the winner of the group is Rihanna indeed. Makes you just want to see where the stars are headed?


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