Bad Tat Tuesday!

I figured as long as I keep finding them, you get to keep looking at them! More submissions from some of my bloggy friends out there, thank to you all.

From The Real Johnson, remember kids, spelling counts!

The Sci-Fi geek in me likes this, but come on. AT-AT's with roses?

The submitter wanted to remain anonymous, but this is pyre brilliance!

From a local sports show celeb! Hey, I am one degree from somewhat famous!!
I don't care how much he is revered around Colorado, there is no need for a complete leg tat of Elway.

This wasn't submitted, Ellen doesn't have time for crap like this. But she ran a picture of a fan who got a Dori tat because she loves Ellen. Kinda cute actually.


  1. Dori is cute but I wouldn't tat her on my body. John Elway too but I wouldn't tat him either.

    Btw, the Target commercials annoy the hell out of me. Especially the music teacher. Stick to playing the piano, because you can't sing!

  2. Bahaha! Not only is the word on the first one spelled wrong making me believe he sure isn't "awsome" at spelling, but it looks like the "W" is an "M" so he's really "amsome" whatever that is. Heee. There is no end to stupid people. Tatooists should have to pass a spelling test.

  3. I'm intrigued by those pigs. Was a tattoo artist practicing on them?
    Well, I know what I'll be spending my workday Googling today.

  4. Having loaded my share of pigs into trailers to become bacon, I really like the prison pigs.

    And hopefully the Elway tat ages better than the real guy has recently. It's like someone hit him with the "old man stick" all of a sudden.

  5. People tattoo farm animals? Okaaaayyyyy.

  6. You won't see any tattooed lions out there.

  7. Feminized AT-AT's.....something to get the geek going for ya!

  8. I thought that tat was of Ted Danson...

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Wouldn't coming out of the closet be a lot easier and far less painful that getting a full leg tat of that dipshit Elway?

  10. None of those were too terrible. My corneas didn't burn once the whole post.

  11. One of my new co-workers apparently never listened to the advice I got (and took) to never get a tattoo you can't cover up for work. He's got arms and down both arms, and nurse's scrubs are all short-sleeved.

  12. As much as I love Brett Favre.....No. Just, no.


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