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I am sure you have all been waiting breathlessly by your TV and/or old time stand up radio for the news of whether or not we will raise the debt roof, or loanin ceiling, or whatever the hell it is.

What? You haven't? (crosses arms and makes tsk tsk sound)

Actually, I haven't either. But I have read a few things about some of the items that are being written into the big deal, and one of the things that is most near and dear to me is medicaid benefits. You see, Skyler gets a bit of money from medicaid, it is to help offset the cost of a number of things that are not covered by my insurance. Things like equipment, prescriptions, therapy, you know, all that wasteful spending.

One of the guys I used to work with is on facebook, and has been going crazy about all of the spending that the US is doing, throwing money down the toilet at those slackers who are out there just sucking off the teat of the government. I don't like talking politics much at all, but felt inclined to bring up that there are only a few that abuse the system, and most people really need the help that they get.

He went ballistic. Told me that the only people who get medicaid are those that are too lazy to work for a living. I will spare you the rest of the "in my day we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps rant..."

When I mentioned my son, and that he received medicaid, he questioned why he gets it, and how come I don't take care of him. I was pretty pissed off, and let him know that in fact I DO take care of my son. I tried explaining what we received, which isn't a lot of money, and what it was used for, when he said that I am part of the problem.

You can't argue with stupid, they drag you down into the gutter with them. needless to say he was immediately un-friended, and you know what? that kind of feels good. I wish I could do that to some of the people I meet in the store and other places out in public that question me.

Yeah, get to work on that app, will you facebook people?


  1. I'll spare you my soapbox speech, as I know we are on the same page. What I usually say to ignorant people like this guy is that he is just an accident or an illness away from a disability, then he will be singing a different tune. Not that I would wish that on anyone, but unfortunately, some people just don't get it until they are faced with some of the challenges we deal with everyday.

  2. I think the closest the real world has to "unfriending" people in public is the one finger salute.

  3. Good lord, some people are such big mouthed, opinionated, asswipes, aren't they?! I hate politics--HATE--because there is always one shithead in the crowd ready to run off his/her mouth without thinking.

    *punching my fist into my hand*

    Clearly, that guy can't understand anyone else's situation except his own. Who needs him?

  4. It does feel good to wipe asshats like that off the face of your earth, doesn't it?

  5. Wow. What an empty clue bag he is.

  6. If he's pissed at you, he'd HATE us--Lynnnie lives strictly off the government dole. (We occasionally buy him clothes, toys, etc. but only a tiny fraction of what his care costs.)

    That guy can safely feel the way he does only because he doesn't have a disabled family member to whom he'd have to devote every spare (and some that aren't so spare) penny if Medicaid/Medicare didn't help. And for myself, I fight really hard not to wish that on him and others like him, because I'm pretty sure if they did, they'd be singing a completely different tune.

  7. Don't you just love people that are determined to have their opinions and will not listen to anyone else...what an ass.

  8. Good for you Chris, for standing up and speaking your mind. I believe that people should never be embarrassed to accept help when they need it.

  9. I simply can't understand why Americans get so worked up about government-funded healthcare. As a Canadian, I can tell you, knowing that my healthcare is paid for is pretty frigging awesome. The rejection of "Obama care" (and Hilary Clinton's attempts at Universal Healthcare earlier) is just baffling to me. Namely because it is always those people that would stand to have their lives improved the most (the lower and middle classes) that fight so violently against these "socialist" initiatives.
    As it stands, Americans either have no health coverage because they can't afford it or their empolyers don't provide it or they are at the mercy of profit-driven insurance providers who employ people whose job it is to figure out how to not pay you.
    Sure, we pay a lot of taxes, but the alternative is absolutely insane. Taxes are spent on shit that helps you. Get over it.

    Sorry...that was a rant. That guy on your facebook is a dick. It would be interesting to see if he would sing the same tune if his son had a disability and he found himself taking out a second mortgage to make accessibility modifications to his home.

  10. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I have a brother-in-law guilty of the same (non)thinking. He rails against welfare, subsidies, entitlements, and yet conveniently forgets that when times were tough for him, all four of his kids took advantage of government subsidy meal programs at school and the fact that he makes his living now thanks to government subsidies to encourage energy conservation. What a dick. You just can't fight stupid.

  11. Thank you Chris for speaking up. I know that without those benefits it would be even harder to give Skyler the care he deserves. As you know I am also on the dole here. Most do not understand that just because you can not see my disability that it does not effect me deeply. So from the bottom of my heart and my pitiful pocket book....Thank you!

  12. What an asshat. Like your first friend commenting here, he'd be singing a completely different turn if he were standing in your shoes.

    My sister's in-laws used to sing the same "govt teat" song. UNTIL their youngest son developed severe mental health issues. THEN they saw the need for disability, unemployment, medicaid, social workers, supervised housing, etc.

    When he's old and frail - then he'll get it.

  13. Sorry, that's just rude. Him I mean, not YOU. I bet he'll sob a different approach when he has an unexpected accident or something his insurance doesn't pony up for and he bleats to Medicaid. What an ass. I felt angry just reading this. I think you're a very placid and responsible person. I'd have punched him in the nuts. :)

  14. Yeah. There are all kinds of idiots on FB. I had a guy from my high school get all homophobic on mine. I asked him not to post that kind of crap on my page and he unfriended me. Hey, that works too.

  15. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Good for you. I can't stand people who see everything in black and white. Besides, he sounded like an asshole.

  16. Sadly at times, it's the most ignorant and dumb citizens who make the most noise. Bravo Skydad for your attempts at enlightening that idiot, even if his head is too far up his ass to hear the truth.

  17. Good for you! That guy's a douche. People just don't understand people who are not rich. I HATE the poor = lazy nonsense this country seems to believe.

  18. oh my Lord.

    And I've always said, you CAN'T argue with crazy. You just can't

  19. One of my college friends and roommates "friended" me a couple of years ago-- and promptly started posting "Tea Party" stuff. I unfriended him, though we'll still be friends. I think he'll figure it out eventually, but for now, we're better off without being FB friends.

    BTW, does this buttmunch have any questions about the unfunded Medicare D, and two unfunded wars? I'm beginning to think that he may be part of the problem...

  20. I know it's not right but sometimes I wish people like that would get hit by a bus. And survive. And end up as a quadriplegic on a ventilator...paid for by medicaid.

  21. I'm guessing it costs about $30-40,000 a year to cover everything Sky needs, between doctors appointments, his chair, home modifications, medications, therapists, and no one has that kind of money laying around.
    If the cost of health care wasn't so ridiculous maybe you could afford to take care of Sky on your own. This health care system is self-defeating. Did your ex-friend take back anything he said, or offer any kind of response like "Hey, I get it now?"


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