Bad Tat Tuesday!

It's that time again, when we all sit and stare at the ink and wonder why, why, why?

Please tell me this isn't somebodies fantasy of Palin...

They get a few bonus points just for having a Futurama theme.

R2D2...Forever young?  What am I missing here?

That's nice and pervy, wear it with pride!

Superhero collection like no other, wow... just wow...

And the best for last.  Goofy dragon that looks like it might be playing with itself, on a canvas that is pretty bad also.


  1. These posts make me glad I never got a tat.

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hedonism Bot is one of my favorite characters, but still.

  3. Ditto Dr. MVM - I just cannot commit my passions to ink drilled under my skin. I'm glad that other people do it, but they are people I probably would never hire or date.

    I don't get that big giant ear hole stretching thing either.

  4. I love Bad Tat Tuesday like you wouldn't believe. I just don't get tats, I really really don't.

  5. That Michael Jackson one is worth a mint now. Or is it different for musical artists?

  6. This is brilliant !! Bad Tat tuesday is awesome ! I may have to join you and post some that I'll be looking for now ! lol

  7. Here I am, last to the party again! Holy crap though man, that MJ and Culkin pic made me laugh out loud in a spurt of coffee then follow it up with a shudder. WTF? :)

  8. you all take tattoos too seriously, they should be fun, or memorable and they are meant to be for the person not for you to judge.
    if the craftsmanship is poor then fine but the concept is for the owner and no one else. get off your superior stool and get a grip and a life.
    this post is directed at each and everyone of you

  9. Oh God! Was that Palin?! I think I need to go throw up now.


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