What's that you say? More craptastic posts?

I know that everyone is busy and that you fine readers all hear the tales of "Too busy to blog", "My house was washed out to sea", "The dog ate my wireless access point and now I have to keep my laptop with 6 inches of his ass"...  You know, all those typical lame excuses for not blogging on a regular basis.

Well my excuse is the best, because it is work related.  The man has been keeping my nose to the grindstone lately, and after a 13% reduction in the staff here at Networks R Us, I have never been so damn happy in my life to have too much work to do.

But all work and no play makes Sky-Dad a dull whatever the hell he is, so along the way I collect odds and ends that are sure to tickle your funny bone, or wherever that ticklish place is on your body.  It's all a mishmash of random thoughts, scary and twisted, much like me.  So strap in tight and keep those arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

Let's start with the weirdest short video I have come across in some time:

Now what the hell was that all about?

Moving on to more demotivators, cause I just can't get enough of these bad boys:

Yeah, I've had that problem quite a few times...

Some day I want to be in the credits as special guest appearance.

I've never had a regret that big.

Sent this one right over to Gwen!

This one was for the Captain.

 And some more random stuff for you!

That's it for now, enjoy yourselves folks!


  1. The Man has dumped on me too. But with LESS work. And that was some fantastic craptastic crap.

  2. My favorite is The Making of You...I have an Uncle Bill. ; )

    I've had regrets, but daaaaaaaamn...

    And poor Dorothy!

  3. This post is blog gold baby. BLOG GOLD!

  4. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Grudge Monkey is badass! I want an entire army's worth of grudge monkeys.

  5. Knowing that Grudge Monkey is out there being all grudgy and badass in his aviator jacket gets me through the day.

  6. Man, don't piss Grudge Monkey off, you wouldn't like him when he's pissed off! Look at Serious Fox. He KNOWS....

  7. Um...and the video? WTFF????

  8. The video is gone.

    Grudge Monkey ROCKS!

    And I have looked at Regrets a bunch of times, and I can't tell what the he'll she has in her hand.

    Do I really want to know?

  9. I was smiling some until that very last one, and then lost it, now in LMFAO mode...

  10. I love that video even if I was confused by the commercial at the start thinking it was the video (I confuse easily). Love the Tin Man one too!

    Stay busy my friend!

  11. Holy hell, what is that chick wearing at the airport? I don't care if it's 150 degrees out, I *still* wouldn't be caught dead in that.


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