Digital conversion Granny has to undo it all!

So the word on the street is that the big conversion from analog to digital TV won't be happening like we thought. Too many folks out there were just unaware I guess. I find it hard to believe that there are still some cave dwellers who didn't get the word, since it has been on every single news cast for the last f-ing year!

So what is poor PSA Granny supposed to do?


  1. I don't have one of those converter-box thingys. I just figure I can watch what I need to watch on this computer.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    LOL - I just wanna hug that little old lady!!!

  3. Oh for the love of chocolate!! I say we leave the stragglers behind. If they couldn't get their act together by now, they are morons and probably should be doing other things besides watching TV anyway. Like reading maybe?

    Love that little old lady though. She seems like a really good sport, doesn't she? :-)

  4. LOL, it's the economy!

    The same people who could not afford digital cable to save their asses in the first place are the same people who can't afford the converter box (even at $40) and can't afford to replace a 15-year-old barely-functional antennaed TV with a brand new $400 thing. People have been buying digital TVs for so many years already, the only people left with analog are the ones who couldn't afford to do anything about it in the first place.
    So they want to extend the changeover until the economy gets better and people can start buying expensive TVs again.

    That's all I got.

  5. LOL,,,,loved the video.

    It is so difficult for the older generation to grasp this. The G-man is totally confused by this.


  6. I LOVE this! She kills me


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