For Beckeye!

The ever wonderful Beckeye from the Pop Eye put up one of the funniest posts I have ever read over at Fire That Agency. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out, I will wait...

Dum de dum dee de dum...

Oh, you're back! Great, wasn't it grand? I think she deserves an award or something, so here it is:


  1. Thanks so much for implying that the rest of us are just a bunch of hacks. Jerk.

  2. Ouch Kat! Nothing was implied there, I needed something to do with my Shamwow graphic!

  3. I'd rather have some of my ashes spread in the Library of the Haunted Mansion in Disney...

    Oh, and the book is real!!

  4. SkyDad - I was only kidding about the jerk part.

  5. they should make
    super giant ShamWows
    for oil spills

    then the world
    would be an almost
    perfect place

  6. That guy kinda freaks me out. Can you imagine living with him? And hearing him speed-ramble like that all day?! Way too intense.

    But, oh yeah, they were trying to sex that puppy up - no doubt about it! Kinda sad, isn't it?

  7. Why, thank you!

    I'd make one change to that poster. It should read, "When I die, I want to be Slap Chopped into tiny pieces, put in water, and soaked up in a ShamWow."

    Cremation is for punks. You following me, blog writer guy?

  8. The Shamwow guy will be Time's "Man of the Year" in 2009. Mark my words.

  9. Well, Grant, they did pick you, and me, in the same year. I don't trust them any longer.

    This guy must do meth. Believe me, I've seen it.

  10. OMG, my friend just got Josiah a Shamwow - for when he turns 18. Funny stuff.


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