For Bubs

The always great Bubs posted about 2009 threats today, just one of the many valuable services he provides. He mentioned that some citizens in Florida are turning to cougar ownership for safety, and as you see below, we are well behind some African countries already and need to start escalating right away.


  1. How is Skyler?

    And, (absurd topic change) Harvey Fierstein, huh? Really? You interesting, sweet, brave, bizarre man, you! :-)

  2. HUH. I lived in Florida and 'gators were the usual brand. I guess getting some warm blooded that needs to eat more than 1x every 3 months in the winter is the deciding factor, yes??

  3. Thanks man, I need the cheer up!

  4. Cougars as in the animals.. or the MUCH older women screwing the younger guys ;)

  5. That's one awesome picture!

    And yeah, how's Skyler?

  6. LMAO @ Dizzblnd. I guess either would work, huh?

    Love that poster!

  7. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Add me to the list of folks waiting for an update on Skyler! Hopefully his last appointment went well and he's well on the mend.

    And a cougar? Huh. And here I've been depending on helper monkeys.

  8. That is just wrong.

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I don't know, a pissed off baboon could do a lot of damage AND make you a post-fracas cocktail. I'd have to stick with the baboon.

  10. They'll have to rewrite "The Untouchables:"

    Sean Connery: (whips out his hyena) "Just like a wop to bring a baboon to a hyena fight...


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