Budget cuts, at what cost?

Courtesy of one of my friends Cindy, a mom who also has a child with special needs. Funding for heath care for children, an adults for that matter, is pretty lacking during good times. This is why it is so scary for us during poor economic times. You never know when a budget cut will take away a key service, some much needed help, or even prescription medicine.


  1. How heart wrenching! I just don't understand how they can choose to cut benefits that are helping to keep people alive, but keep the programs that study cow farts.

    Her BFF at the end is such a strong girl! To be friends with someone that may not have much time left. It takes really special people to care that deeply.

    I will pray for Jessica and of course you and your family to help keep these benifits in place.

    BTW the video is up on my blog

  2. i guess someone in asia felt strongly about the health care mess too

    trillions for war, not a nickel for kids and especially special needs kids

    because as the GOP will tell you - i aint paying for your problems

    their evilness knows no bounds

  3. I was going to write in Cantonese, but I see that idea was already taken. So in plain English, I've given you an award at my place, because I really enjoy your blog!

  4. So sad, thanks for sharing!

  5. this is very sad. my son has a t-shirt that says "you can tell the humanity of a culture by how they treat their animals".

    makes me wanna make a t-shirt that says "you can tell the humanity of a country by how they treat their kids".

    bastards, chris, bastards.

    yet how many millions are spent on studying the effects of mosquito repellant on horse shit?

    yep. good ole U ess of A.

    we dont have 'em.


  6. That just blows me away.

  7. My late friend Mark once made the comment that someday, in the distant future, we'll be judged not by the military power we had, but by how well we took care of those who needed help-- the poor, the disabled, the elderly. By that measure, we're dropping the ball.


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