Energy Douche

OK, it was either eulogize Ted, or get back to the funny videos. I know the rest of you will pick up my slack, so to the videos we go!


  1. Definitely the better choice...

  2. Hahaha, I've already seen this one. It's funnier the 2nd time, thanks for the laugh. xo

  3. Where exactly do vaginal wings protrude?

  4. That was much better than Ted! I should try this...vag wings sound like fun!

  5. Oh, damn, LOL!

    Mandy Moore killed in "Scrubs," but she really hit it out of the park with this one!

  6. Just what we need, more winged, caffine-jazzed vaginas flitting about.

    What's next? Pre-warmed rectal thermometers? Cocaine in easy-to-use nasal sprays? The "pussy patch" for convicts? Crystal meth non-dairy coffee creamer? Cocktail olives with a creamy, rufie-filled center? Hand rolled cigars laced with viagra?

    Call those marketing folks over at "Fire That Agency" and tell 'em you have got a few ideas those tight asses at the FDA are just going to love!


  7. Somehow I think that would burn. I'll pass.

  8. What would we ever do without your videos? A lot more productive stuff, probably. But not nearly as fun.


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