Tales from the Pacific Northwest Part 2

After leaving the waterfront we walked up the hill to the Pike Place Market, one of the greatest places around! Lots of vendors selling their stuff, fresh catch fish, crab, and all sorts of food that is cooked right there. It is really amazing, and unfortunately, really busy! I had a lot of trouble getting Skyler through the unwashed masses, there just wasn't enough room!

Here is a crappy picture taken as we rode a glass elevator from the waterfront up a couple of levels to get to the start of the hill. Look! It's a fairy...

Looking one way...

Looking the other way. I'm trapped!

We made it outside and across the street to Starbucks #1, where the addiction all started from.

And finally some really poor video of us at the top of the hill at Pike Place, then under I-5 where you can walk up the hill from the waterfront.


  1. You were totally cracking up Skyler right up until you suggested taking the brakes off and letting him roll. The expression on his face, priceless.
    That "crappy" photo is my favorite, but I'm listening to the Maytals right now, so it gives it a different vibe.

  2. couldn't see the video- but LOVED the shots!!!!!!!

  3. Come on Skyler! You could clear the way with that hot rod chair of yours. It is great to see the shots.

  4. i love the pike place market - i love seattle

    i couldnt watch the vdieo, kept freezing

  5. thanks for the birthday wishes

  6. What a beautiful place. The crowds remind me of South Beach.

    The video wasn't so bad. We got to see the water, a parasailer (was he a dummy?) Beautiful flowers and a bee!

    I loved watching the consideration on Skylers face when you asked him about the brakes! It looked like he really wanted to do it! I don't blame him, it looks like fun!


  7. I can't ride in a glass elevator without thinking that it's going to go all Willy Wonka at some point.

  8. If I asked Eric if he would like me to release his brakes, he would say "yes" without hesitation. The kid is a daredevil! I love the way Skyler took a look and thought about it and I agree, his expression is Priceless! And such a handsome kid.

  9. Normally, you can see Mt. Rainier from there... well, not normally because it's often that grey. Did you ever see it? I love Pike Place, btw. Great pics and video!

  10. A few years ago I was visiting one of my best friends in Seattle. We were walking near the shore, and happened to be passing Pike St. Market when I looked at a couple who were walking toward us. They were also looking at me-- we realized that we knew each other. It was a married couple who are a couple of my favorite regulars at the restaurant. Since then we joke about meeting up in Seattle sometime whenever they're in.

  11. this is worth millions. love it.

  12. Skyler was just loving that, wasn't he?! Awesome! :-)

  13. Pikes place is one of my favorite places in the world! Unfortunately though, it always looks like that and is always busy. I have often wondered how someone in a wheelchair would make it through there :( Sounds like you had fun up here though!


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