Tales from the Pacific Northwest part 3

So where was I when I decided to go all ADD and post the dogs at the pool stuff? Oh yeah, the last part of the vacation pics.

We went to have lunch with Kathy's next oldest sister and younger brother who both work at Microsoft. Let me just say that this is the most amazing campus I have ever been on! It is crazy what all they provide for their employees, a company store, food court, and all of it inside this indoor/outdoor mall.

That's right - mall.

You just wouldn't think you were at a place where people work there is so much going on...

Pretty wild, isn't it? I think they figured out that they want to keep their employees at work on the campus instead of them leaving for errands and shopping and stuff.

Then we spent an afternoon up north of the Seattle area visiting Kathy's oldest sister and her family at Camano Island. They have a beautiful place right off of the Puget sound, and we always enjoy going there. Sometimes we go out on the water and drop the crab pots and then cook on the beach. You haven't lived until you have eaten crab that is that fresh!

The best part for Skyler is getting to see his favorite cousin, Kirsten. He just loves her.

I think I have bored you all enough with the tales from our trip, so tune in tomorrow when we go back to your regularly scheduled weirdness!


  1. Damn son! Looks like you had a fine trip! Beautiful pics by the way. Looking forward to more weirdness.


  2. I think the idea of the mall on campus is debatable, I'm torn.
    I see Skyler let you roll him down to the ocean. Oh, how soon he forgot what you said about his brakes & the hill. He's a very trusting soul.
    I passed by my neighborhood pool today. It's the last day, no dogs. :(
    The scenery where you went is exquisite. I'm so happy for you that you were able to take this trip. xo

  3. Kirsten is the kick-ass athlete, right? How is she doing? Great pics and nice view from the deck there.

  4. I would kill to have that view! Well, not really, but... ; )

    And favorite cousins are the BEST! It looks like Kirsten feels the same way...cute picture!

  5. That's a gorgeous view!

  6. Ohhhhh, I want to go to there. Gorgeous!

  7. Oh.. My... Gosh...!! I used to work on that campus, before it got all nice and fancy!!! This is in Redmond, right? Its been 2 or 3 years since we've been there before Safeco was sold and MS bought the campus. It used to seem like the whole town of Redmond was all MS, except this one campus that belonged to Safeco... until Safeco got sold and everyone got laid off. It is kinda cool to see these new pictures... I tell you, the mall was NOT there when I was. No fair. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Serious fun and no rain at the same time? Are you sure that this was Washington?

  9. Whenever I go out to Seattle, I don't want to come back. It's beautiful out there, and the people are lovely.

  10. That was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the photos... of places I only dream of.

  11. Do they let you bring your iPhone to work at Microsoft? If so, I'm applying!

    Looks like a wonderful vacation, great snaps.


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