Chidhood Toys part 2

Mnmom from Happy to be from Iowa is doing a series of posts of some of her best childhood gifts, so I thought I would play along. This next one was a set of toys that fed into my mania for all things space related. Major Matt Mason! Space explorer!

The moon crawler thing was really pretty cool because it would go over anything, including the poor dog.


  1. The arm action on the space suit reminds me of another space obsession from childhood. Here's a hint:
    Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

  2. That's really spooky...I was at another blog this morning where the guy was talking about action figures and I mentioned that I had a Matt Mason as a kid. My cousin fell on top of the space station, though, on Christmas day (Baa Humbug!)

  3. My brother got that whole get-up for Christmas one year!!! We ALL played with it, which drove him bananas. As soon as I get the family slides on my flash drive, I'll post of pic of it under our tree.

    We grew up with a kid named Matt Nelson, so of course everyone called him Major Matt Nelson.

  4. Definitely a boy toy...I don't remember seeing this, but I was too busy watching the Easy Bake Oven commercials. My favorite gift BTW and I got one for my daughter when she was at the age. We had lots of fun baking lil cakes together.

  5. I wish I had that when I was a kid. Strangely enough, my brother didn't even have it.

  6. Damn-- I was going to do that one too! I got Major Matt Mason and accessories Christmas 1968. Ironically, it was the same day as that great reading of Genesis from Apollo 8. If I wasn't hooked on the space program already before, I was that day.

  7. sd --

    i think we are too old for major matt mason or i just dont remember it


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