Childhood toys part 3

Mnmom from Happy to be from Iowa is doing a series of posts of some of her best childhood gifts, so I thought I would play along.

Following on the heels of the Big Bruiser tow truck came an even bigger and better toy, the Big Job Dump Truck!! This thing was huge, you could fit a small sized Labrador retriever in the bed of this monster (not that I tried or anything, that would have been cruel to our poor dog).

Since this dump truck came along after the tow truck, I was surprised that I didn't find an old commercial for it on youtube. But I did find a demo for it from a guy who is a big fan of the toy, and has a video. Sorry, embedding is disabled, but clicky on over...

Here is a picture:


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    1964? Holy cow. Somebody knew how to look after their toys.

    Do they still make Tonka toys? When I was a kid those things were the definitive heavy duty toy trucks.

  2. FAKE!!!

    No truck from 1964 had that much plastic on it. They were all made out of steel and had real glass windows and stuff.

  3. Boooo....that's a BOY toy.

  4. My cousin had one of those. Unfortunately, it was a casualty of the year we were given handfuls of M-80's from his grandma on the 4th of July, and we used them to blow-up every truck in his sandbox...This was obviously in the 70's.

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  6. I had a truck like that when I was a kid! They don't make toys like that anymore.

  7. I should do this. After Xmas though.

    Funny, but I think all my favorite toys would be things I still collect now. Guess I haven't evolved much.


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