It's Monday Morning Madness

Where we take pause to celebrate the little things (or large things) in life that make us scratch and wonder what the hell?...

Look at the size of that damn snake!

he he he...

Food chain (updated version)

I seem to fly next to this dude every time I get on a plane!

I have questions like this also...

Best diagram ever!

Just let him sniff you, he won't hurt you! He's just a big softy...

My personnel favorite Craigs list ad of all time!

Old joke on a sign.

More Engrish!

Yeah, I know this was hastily put together and follows no pattern. Oh well, better luck next time.


  1. The best Vin diagram ever!

    I have an award for you over at my place.

  2. Rape seed oil isn't as much fun as you'd think.

  3. Chris, it's o.k. that this was a random selection, it was awesome! I had a good laugh at the bracelet. I effing hate that dog. Love the bear joke.
    Happy Holidays. xo

  4. The Vin Diagram was brilliant!

  5. Several LOL moments in this one - chock full. Thank ya!

  6. Black mushrooms rape?! I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in the produce section.

  7. I hope that airline hefty wasn't on a long flight...then again, he might like mega-wedgies.

    LOVE the Vin Diagram and the Craigs list ad. lol!

  8. The Craigslist ad is priceless!!

  9. Those bastard mushrooms! Why aren't we stopping those bastard mushrooms?!

    Won't someone think of the children? Oh, yeah, we are with those used bracelets. We aren't we stopping those bracelet ads?!

  10. I've come across that same dog and dog owner when running...And I wanted to shoot them both.


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