Monday Morning Madness presents:

Back Fat, the musical.

No? Not catchy enough? Ok, how about:

Back breasts, or how I learned to wear a bra the other way.

Still no good? Hmmm, picky audience this morning...

I've got it!

Who is the favorite cell mate in prison! Yeah, that's it!!

What in holy hell is going on with these people?

And last but certainly not least, I didn't know whether to put hm in here or wait until Bat tat Tuesday...


  1. Okay this is disturbing, weird how some look like back boobs how is that possible?

  2. The 'back boobs' in the 2nd picture even have nipples! Wait...that might just be my twisted mind.

    Thank you for this!!! My appetite was coming back and I'm trying to watch what I eat. lol!

  3. The motorcycle one made me laugh out loud. The one's with the pretty little tops tied around them disturb me the most. It's called EXERCISE people!

  4. Suddenly, I feel like a svelte supermodel.

  5. This post makes me want to leave work early and go running. Jaysus!

  6. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Oh my god....

  7. I've never been more happy that I carry my weight in my thighs!!

  8. Wow, I feel thin now... thanks for that!!

  9. I'm with J.J. I saw nips. LMFAO!

  10. Anonymous5:12 PM

    That's just wrong. One of my friends told me all seriously one day that her spine was sinking in her back. After I got off the floor laughing, I informed her that she would live....just with new back fat. Spine sinking...hee..hee

  11. I'm feelin' supa-good about my ass right now. Big, maybe. round, absolutely. below my waste - HELLS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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