Some commercials cannot be unseen

Oh dear god please let this not be real...


  1. Arg! Eeeew! Eyebleach!

  2. Hahaha! Probably better that than using one after someone with conjunctivitis, but psychologically speaking, I'll go for the gritty eyes.

  3. WHAT. THE. F**K?

    Of course I had to hold on to find out just what the dickens that could possibly be advertising. And now? I will never look at my towel the same way again, even though I currently live alone. WHO KNOWS WHO BREAKS IN AND USES IT WHILE I'M OUT!

  4. Was that a loofah?? Great reporting here Chris. You should always post stuff up when you're on pain meds. How you feeling these days, any better?

  5. Ha! Google just tried to talk me out of visiting here. I got a big ol' warning telling me I would see unsavory stuff that I could never ever un-see if I clicked the 'continue' button.

    Google may have been right on this one. Eww.

    I still love you though! Now, please excuse me, I need to go wash (or burn?) my towel....

  6. @Scope: No amount will help.

    @The Jules: Now you are going to make me look something up that is disgusting, aren't you?

    @Veggie: You're right you know, the towel fairys come at night to wipe their junk on yours. Followed by the ice weasels, but I will leave that to your imagination.

    @Diane: Doing a little better, the pain is manageable now, thanks!

    @Cora: Google knows me so well...

  7. wrong, wrong, wrong

  8. My gross meter is set pretty high...but this actually surpassed it without even trying. ewwwww!

  9. UGH! Please help me un-see this.

  10. @Raven: My meter is off the charts, and it even gave me the willys!

    @Char: Scope got all the eye bleach, sorry you are on your own.

  11. Missed your comment That Girl, sorry about that! Yes indeed wrong.


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