What's Facebook trying to sell me today?

Those of you who are over on Facebook are probably like me.  Furiously clicking away at the little "x" beside those advertisements and hoping against all hope that someday you will stop seeing them.

Really?  You aren't doing that?  Hmmmm, I guess it is just me and my little friend OCD that are playing that game...

Anywhoodles, I thought I would take some screenshots of a few of the more strange ones that pop up and irritate me and share them.  Maybe that will make them go away!

I actually kinda want this!

Nice boat.  What's better than that crappy boat?  Reliving WWII.  I wonder if they will make the trees in the Ardennes forest explode?

By tearing off the first couple of layers of skin.

I don't know what Acai is, but Denver is on top of that bullshit!

I get lots of ads for more edumacation, I wonder why?

It even reads like a Russian is saying it!
I get a lot of these since I was in the Navy.  The face always changes, but 8 out of 10 times it is an epic beard!

It will go so well with the rest of the pink in my home.

I get a lot of these types of ads also.  They always want to study my problems.

I am not a gamer, so I probably get these because Facebook knows what a deviant I am.

So low even a baby can afford a house!

I would rather get hit by the truck than wear this.  And the claim of several million years of research is a stretch.

Wait a minute!!  Isn't this epic beard man that also needs to go back to school?  Something is fishy hear...


  1. Hey wait a minute! That woman the dermatologists hate is supposed to be from Tennessee and the ridiculously easy trick to pay down your mortgage is only available to Tennessee homeowners. What's going on here? Are Facebook ads lying?

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I saw those beard beanies somewhere. Kinda cute on a little kid, but on a grown man, not so much.

  3. That bearded beanie is all shades of awesome!!!!

    That pink acrylic candelabra is NOT.

  4. Oh shoot, that made me laugh! Thank you dinosaurs for working on a better bike jersey!

  5. I had an ad pop up on the sidebar on Facebook advertising for the Holocaust Tour of Europe. Um, no thank you...


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