Bat Tat Wednesday!

It's not Bad Tat Tuesday, because it's Wednesday, also known as hump day. And since we are half way through the week, the theme for this bad tat show will be half-assed tat work.

This is a collection that seems to be half thought out, half way drawn, and maybe even half crazy.

Once again, I need to remind you to keep your arms and legs inside at all times, and please, no wagering!

First up is half way drawn. Seriously, was there a time limit here?

I guess at least it was two colors.

Nice work George, er, Scott.

Doesn't this just scream "Lost a bet"?

I am thinking 15 minutes start to finish, tops.

Way to commit to the tat dude.

Not only huge, but leaves a lot of skin... a lot of skin.

Wow, just wow.

How about some half thought out ones?

You will love that when Myspace goes under, even more than you love it now.

30 more pounds of back fat on the canvas, and it becomes a Salvador Dali piece.

Regret those now? Wait until the net generation of controllers comes out! Oh wait, they are out.

Your kids are going to charge their friends to come check out mom's Star Wars tribute.

Your resume looks pretty good, and I like your experience, but I am going to have to go with a non-green person for customer service.

Half crazy? The green guy wasn't crazy enough? Just look...

When the world needs a super hero, they turn to... J├Ągerman!!

Laugh out loud Nazi man. Get your ass kicked much?

I can't even make out all the shit this guy has on, but at least he is committed to keeping his knee stable.

Meat zipper. A fucking meat zipper...

And last but not least:

Yeah, I would probably shoot at you too if I saw you coming at me.


  1. I can deal with the others but that meat zipper one is just nasty.

  2. seen the green guy college girl had his pic on her billboard at home when she was a highschool girl. eewwwwww!

  3. More than anything, that green guy's tongue is what grosses me out. Eww.

    Just eww.

  4. WHAT THE F???


    Did she think that Star Wars tribute would be super sexy on the red carpet??

  5. I love how the lizard guy had to add the word "F R E A K" just incase you were confused.

  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Penis on your toe? Wow! That had to hurt!

    And the last guy with five bullet holes? He must be saving the last round in the chamber for his head.


  7. I wonder how drunk all of these people must have been? The Meat zipper made me throw up a little

  8. DUDE?

    DUDE?!?! Did he scratch that into his forehead himself?!

    Nurse Ratched!

  9. Disturbing.
    Dude, it's the only time I would ever recommend wearing a toupee.

  10. What ever happened to just betting a case of beer on the big game? These people are morons. Especially the "Dude" dude.

    And then the others are just freaks.

  11. I kind of like Scott's.

    What's WRONG with me??

  12. Tats -- whatever.

    But that one guy had his tongue split. He.had.his.tongue.split.


  13. The puma-dog thing is ace.

    I bet showing that tatt could defuse any argument or tense situation ever.

    He should go to the Gaza srip and mediate.

  14. WTF??????????

    oh. my. god. what freaky people will do for attention.

    just glad they arent in my family.


  15. "30 more pounds of back fat on the canvas, and it becomes a Salvador Dali piece."


  16. BTT often leaves me speechless, but this time, I might need therapy.

  17. Somehow I knew with the green guy, even before I read "freak" across his chest.

  18. Wow.

    And by the way, that kitty one?? I can doodle that on in 2 minutes tops! Ok, maybe 3 and a half if they're ticklish.


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